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About Us

WAMCLT is a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society run entirely by volunteers. The Trust was established in 2021.

We wanted to share a little about our Founding Directors, and management team, our experience and why we became involved in WAMCLT 


Meet The Founding Directors


Claire Milne
Chair & Founding Director

My experience:

Retired Lecturer in Further and & Higher Education, Director and Company Secretary of several start-ups; plus Chair of Windsor Neighbourhood Plan Delivery Group, and Chair of the Boltons Residents Association, Windsor.

My reasons for being involved: 

Through working for over 7 years on Windsor Neighbourhood Plan, I have become increasingly concerned about the lack of affordable and social housing (even for those on average incomes), especially in the high-priced location where we live, as well as the gradual loss of facilities which make for healthy communities.  The CLT movement presents an opportunity for us to do something positive and practical at local level to help communities to help themselves - and I am keen to do what I can to be a small part of a local solution. 


Rajiv Chelani, Secretary
& Founding Director

My experience: 

30+ years of commercial, corporate and community project management and commercial expertise across 3 continents; a trained mediator; 15+ years involvement in community projects and rehabilitative work, plus Lead of Transition Town Maidenhead.

My reasons for being involved: 

Housing is much more than just a building, its about neighbouts, cooperation, support and community.  In addition, climate change will have a huge impact on our future.  Through WAMCLT we are able to collaborate with elected leaders and businesses to about positive impact on our community and environment. 

Lizzie Jones.jpg

Lizzie Jones
Founding Director

My experience:

I have been volunteering in social housing for ten years with Housing Solutions and Abri (Radian). In addition to previously being an Independent Parish Councillor (Cox Green, Maidenhead) with planning panel responsibilities, I am now a member of Tenants Participation Advisory Service (TPAS), the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and the Centre of Alternative Technology (CAT), which all provide an understanding of sustainability and the importance of environmental performance within home design and building. A community land trust  can bring communities and sustainability together for the future of local housing.

My reason for being involved:

Although I live in Affordable Housing, I know I am lucky. I see close friends struggling to pay large rents, whilst still having to share housing in their mid-late 30s - unable to even put up a picture on the wall let alone make a house feel like home. l would like people who are currently not considered in need for housing to have a different option. It is sad so many leave the area because there are too few opportunities to afford properties in the Thames Valley. I feel strongly that a community land trust model would be an excellent ally to the local council during the housing crisis.


Alasdair Donaldson

My reason for being involved:

A friend I respected wrote to the Maidenhead Advertiser to announce that a CLT was to be established in RBWM if there was enough support. So I investigated the concept of community land trusts. When I learned more and realised what a good and socially useful idea it was, I started attending meetings of the steering group.


I think it helped that several of my fellow Quakers were involved. It accords with our Testimonies, and our commitment to sustainability.


Dominic Murphy

My experience:

Community-led regeneration, local government, community planning, healthy neighbourhoods and social planning. 

My reasons for being involved:

I came to realise the increasing importance of community-led housing in meeting future housing needs throughout my career.  The current housing 'market does not work - especially for low-medium incomes and young people.  A decent home is a basic requirement for a civilised society which should reflect local needs with a positive environmental impact.  Cost of land is often a major barrier to producing sustable, well designed and affordable housing, which is what Community land Trusts should be able to address. 

HB March 2019.jpg

Heidi Berry

My experience:

Marketing consultant, social enterprise manager and an active volunteer for

various local causes.

My reason for being involved:

As a parent of an eco-conscious pre-teen (and school governor with a specific remit for community integration), I am really keen to understand how we can build a sustainable, affordable foundation that supports our children's future housing needs.

Meet The Management Team


Sandra Orlando Payne

My experience:

Architect with experience in medium and large scale residential projects and individual houses.

My reason for being involved:

I am an advocate of 'eco and green architecture' in both the natural and built environment.  For the past 15 years I have been involved with the 'transition town' movement and 'green' organisations promoting sustainability and community engagement.  I am keen to help support groups in the community that wish to deliver self-build options that are sustainable and economically viable.  In addition, I want to be able to help local families and vulnerable members of society. 

Simon Bond.jpg

Simon Bond

My experience:

Charity book-keeping, treasurership and trusteeship; Borough Councillor.

My reasons for being involved:

I've become increasingly concerned about the issue for those who find the current housing market extremely challenging, particularly younger people and I am interested in possible solutions.  I was therefore really please to learn of this local initiative and keen to support it.  

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