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We've created a series of information sheets that provide an overview of what Community Land Trusts are - and much more...  here's the first


Here's the second of our factsheets, more specifically about our own CLT for Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead


The third of our factsheets explains a little about the history of this worldwide movement, starting in North America... 


And finally, our fourth factsheet - which provides more of an overview on how CLTs work and how they are funded...


Housing survey, community benefit registration, how to become a member and much more...!

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If you or someone you know is struggling to afford to live locally, please complete our short no obligation survey. This will help us find out more about the type of housing need that local people have and help us to come up with specific projects that will help us to meet those needs. We have launched the survey with the help of Collaborative Homes Oxfordshire, and it will run until 21 November 2021.

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We are delighted to announce that WAMCLT is now a registered Community Benefit Society. We have successfully registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as CBS no 8694. The rules of the society can be found on our website on the membership page.

We would like to thank Wrigleys solicitors for their help and advice in drawing up our society rules and with our application.  ncorporation as a CBS will enable us to build our membership base, expand our different activities and raise funds, while being flexible for future directions. We are very excited to have taken this hugely important step for the future.

Volunteers Lifting Construction Frame

RBWM is currently consulting on their future housing strategy (ending 3 February 2021). 

We strongly believe that RBWM's Legal framweoks can make (or break) housing initiatives and so have responded to the RBWM consultation to strengthen the wording to support community led housing.  It is of the utmost importance that local and national housing policy supports, encourages and enables Community Led Housing. 

Please read our submission here 

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Working with specialist legal solicitors to the sector, Wrigleys, we have done all of the ground work needed to set up a Community Benefit Society, including all of the draft rules prior to incorporation.  We will press the button as soon as the time is right and we have all the Board members and funding in place to make it a success.  Registering with the Financial Conduct Authority will be part of the incorporation rprocess.  


If you might be interested and have some relevant experience in community initiatives, housing, development or finance, contact us to discuss further.  


Excellent news!  We have been awarded a £1000 grant from the Yew Tree Fund!  Sincere thanks to the fund for supporting us. 

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