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CLTs creating truly affordable and beautiful homes!

WAMCLT members had an excellent day today at Stretham and Wilburton and Haddenham CLTs in East Cambridgeshire. Showing us how they have created truly affordable and beautiful homes for people who live and work in their villages, at between 50-80% of market rents, forever, and a few for sale at affordable prices. Truly inspiring. Join us and help us do similar in our area!

Manor Farm- Stretham and Wilburton CLTs first development of

50 affordable homes, including 23 CLT homes at truly affordable rents.

Thanks to Charles Roberts, Laura and Anthea, Tor and Chris and Stephen for hosting us and showing us how they have done it.

It may have been a cold wet day but it gave us a warm glow to see these two successful CLT projects providing a variety of much needed homes for people with strong local connections, enabling them to stay living and working in the local area, and helping maintain the local community and economy.

The homes at Manor Farm are varied in design but all look similar in specification, and the affordable rent homes are indistinguishable from those for sale.

Generous open spaces and low densities make this an appealing place to live.

Haddenham CLT has a recent development of 54 community led homes, with childrens play area and connections with the village. Somewhere for the community to be proud of.

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