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Save Gardners Green Windsor

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Save Gardners Green Campaign

WAMCLT is working with local Windsor residents concerned about protecting Gardners Green in Windsor. Residents are incensed about the potential sale of Gardners Green as potential development land. It is up for on line auction nationally by Savills on 24th November 2022. Gardners Green is a wonderful open space that has been used by the Gardner Cottages and nearby areas which totally surround it for 150 years as a community and recreation space, and the community has maintained it for many years. Its history, custom and practice usage and the fact that the community has maintained it for many years, has rights of way across it and the surrounding cottages have rights of access to it as communal space, its status as a Locally Listed "Non-Designated Heritage Asset", all mean that in our view it cannot and should not be developed. The worry is that any prospective buyer will not do the research, will think they are getting cheap development land, and will end up buying something that in our view, can never get planning permission, but that can cause the community huge anxiety in the process. The campaign to save it is gathering pace. WAMCLT is delighted to be working with the group about possible long-term solutions for the space, including using a Community Land Trust in perpetuity, so it is protected forever for community use.

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