What is Windsor Ascot & Maidenhead Community Land Trust?

Inspired by the growing national Community Led housing movement, Windsor Ascot & Maidenhead Community Land Trust (WAMCLT) is a not-for-profit, volunteer run Community Benefit Society that exists to own and operate land and other assets for the benefit of the local community in perpetuity. We aim to act as an area wide CLT that will deliver financially and environmentally sustainable housing and other community facilities (such as community centres, pubs, or open spaces) for local people across the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

Our Vision is to

  • enable community projects involving community ownership of land, in perpetuity, within the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead area

  • enable the community to build truly affordable and sustainable homes

  • help deliver a community service or project clearly linked to the needs of the local communities, such as a shop or cafe or community centre, or food growing project

  • We are registered as a Community Benefit Society which means we are

  • registered with the Financial Conduct Authority with clear legal rules

  • owned by our members and run democratically

  • managed via a voluntary Board of Directors, elected by the members (each member has a vote)

We are a member of the National CLT Network and are also supported by Collaborative Homes (Oxfordshire)

What is a CLT?

What are Community Land Trusts and why do people get involved?  This video explains how CLTs work and benefit local housing needs.

Community-led solutions to the housing crisis

Community-led housing and CLTs

CLTs often work in conjunction with other methods, such as Co-operatives, Co-Housing, and Self or Custom Build, all developed through local people working together. We aim to bring groups of people together and collaborate to build, convert, or buy affordable and sustainable homes that suit them.

We aim to:

  • Connect local people that want to start their own housing projects
  • Develop ideas to get projects going
  • Raise awareness and build knowledge
  • Collaborate with local landowners, councils, employers, industry professionals
  • Discover suitable land and properties and organize and collaborate to buy them
  • Raise funding

If any of the above applies to you and you would like to discuss with us …please get in touch – see our contact page.

Why not join us?

Your support is important to our work and we welcome you to come and join us.   

Anyone with a local connection to the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead can apply to become a member, it only costs £1 for a voting share and £5 p.a. towards running the Society. See our Membership page for more details.

Alternatively, if you would like more information, please use the Contact Us button to get in touch.

Some CLT Success stories 

We have been inspired by the growing number of successful CLTs and Community Housing Project around the country.  Check out the some of the links below to understand what other CLTs have been up to…. 

A solution focused grassroots movement for community led land and housing development, which works together with SEASALT – see over > 

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South East Students Autonomously Living Together is a student housing cooperative, which offers accommodation for students through its shared house in Brighton and Hove, UK. 

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A  collaboration between East Cambs CLT and those of the local parish CLTs of Stretton & Wilburtonand Haddenham.

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A unique structure with a CLT / Community Benefit Society building separately owned co-operative Mutual Home Ownership Societies to bring fairer housing linked to income. 

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Another example of a CLT as a co-housing community of 20 eco-build homes in West Leeds, managed through a Mutual Home Ownership Society – a pioneering financial model that ensures permanent affordability

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A model based on community cohesion and empowerment, through CLHW and partners.  

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A successful CLT group supporting around 50 CLTs with over 100 affordable homes completed across Devon, Somerset and Dorset, with many more homes  in planning.

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Fishponds Road scheme of 12 homes completed and a new scheme of 50 homes at Shaldon Road just approved.

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